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Elias Dabbas

I've been doing online marketing for more than ten years, mainly focusing on advertising campaigns. Currently focusing on making open source data science tools for online marketing productivity and analysis.
How to use python to create influencer database
Using Python for Content Analysis

Content Analysis with XML Sitemaps and Python

In this guide, you will learn how to analyze the content of a website across time using their XML sitemap. And, you will learn how to extract categories, URLs, slugs, and authors using a reusable Python template for sitemap analysis, with an interactive notebook. You will also learn how to collect publishing trends by year, month, and week.
May 08, 2020
Setting Up Search Engine Marketing Campaigns On a Large Scale
Text Analysis for Online Marketers

Text Analysis for Online Marketers

Textual data are everywhere; social media posts, keywords, URLs, page titles and more. They also come with a lot of numbers that describe them. How we can extract meaning from text data on a large scale? What techniques can we use to quickly figure out important topics, users, or maybe products, in a set of textual data? This is a tutorial that uses data science techniques to solve these questions.
Feb 07, 2019
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