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Dom O‘Neill

the vlogging guy AT Vlogify LTDDom started his career working for major UK broadcasters in TV and Radio where he learned to create content on shows such as Match of the Day, Weakest Link, Lazytown Extra and Mrs Browns Boys. This mix of genres gave Dom a wide range of experiences in content creation techniques, video workflow management, storytelling styles and audience incites. Dom now runs Vlogify LTD where him and his team work with businesses to help them generate more turnover using Video Strategy.
How To Generate More Engagement from Your Videos

Weekly Wisdom with Dom O'Neill: How To Generate More Engagement from Your Videos

In today‘s video, you will find out how we made little changes to our video strategy to make a huge difference in the engagement on our videos via social media. Engagement on videos is massively powerful at the moment. It is how you get seen by new people, but it‘s also how you build relationships with your current clients and your potential clients.
Oct 08, 2019

Weekly Wisdom with Dom O'Neill: Nanocasting

Dom O‘Neill breaks down how you can use nanocasting to help your business grow its products and services. Learn the proper way to send private video messages to those that already like you, trust you, and who already buy from you. See Dom‘s strategies for saying the right things at the right time without spamming to create a conversation.
Jul 16, 2019
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