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content lead AT SEMrushI lead the content production for the SEO team at Semrush. Got my Bachelor's degree in Political Science in the mid-2000s, worked as a journalist, speechwriter, and political consultant, but eventually got into IT and have been happily working in the industry ever since.
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What is Negative SEO

What Is Negative SEO? (And How To Tackle It)

Can negative SEO pose a real threat to your website? Find out what is negative SEO, how harmful it may be, and what you could do to detect and tackle a possible negative SEO attack.
Aug 20, 2020
Semrush Authority Score Explained

Semrush Authority Score Explained

Find out how Semrush Authority Score may help you to get better at your link building efforts when looking for quality domains, and improving your own website‘s authority.
Jul 31, 2020
Expert Tips On Google Penalties
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