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head of seo branding AT WixMordy is a renowned contributor to the SEO industry and has authored numerous studies on a variety of Search related topics. His widely shared insights have helped the SEO community better understand how Google‘s algorithm has evolved and how it often treats sites. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Mordy is also the host of the SEO Rant Podcast and the co-host of the Edge of Web‘s weekly news podcast as well as the organizer behind Twitter‘s #SEOchat.
The Unique Rank Volatility Patterns of the August 2023 Core Update
March 2023 Core Update Impact

March 2023 Core Update Impact

On March 15th, 2023 Google announced the release of the March 2023 Core Update. The update, the first since the September 2022 Core Update, was done rolling out on March 28th and brought with it a significant amount of rank fluctuations.
May 05, 2023
Advanced SEO Tasks when Working with Wix