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2 Steps Crucial to E-commerce PPC in 2018


Kirk Wiliam's presentation:

Elliot Kemp's presentation:


In recent years, the prioritization of e-commerce PPC campaign builds has shifted dramatically. So, It's time to manage campaigns like it's 2018, not 2010!

With the rise of Google Shopping and with dynamic remarketing solutions now available to advertisers, standard Search Network text-ad campaign builds fall down marketers' list of priorities.

In this engaging session, Kirk Williams and Elliot Kemp will take you through the key aspects of managing Shopping Ads and proven remarketing strategies:

  • Kirk will discuss how to setup and best organize your Shopping campaigns so as to best manage your spend and bidding for the highest quality search terms. He will also demonstrate how to utilize Shopping throughout the whole customer funnel, so you won't accidentally lose budget by focusing solely on top-of-the-funnel or bottom-of-the-funnel search queries.

  • Elliot will show you how remarketing functions on a technical level, how to create audiences of users who have previously interacted with your brand, and how to properly leverage these audiences in your campaigns. He will discuss specific use cases for several different remarketing tactics such as RLSA, dynamic product remarketing, customer match, and more.

This webinar will be held in the hybrid format: short presentations by Kirk and Elliot and a panel discussion afterwards hosted by Joel Bondorowsky.

If you have any questions about e-commerce PPC campaigns you would like answered during the webinar, be sure to submit them!