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4 Hours of E-A-T | How to Leverage E-A-T with Your Content Strategy


You’ve identified your target audience, found the relevant topics, dug up the right keywords, formulated the right semantics, figured out the best format and chosen the ideal platform… That’s great. Your content will rock. But how do you leverage maximum ‘EAT-effect’ from that content? 

From the first webinar in this series, you know that you need to leverage at three levels: content, author and brand. That’s fine in theory. But what should you actually do? What are the practical considerations at each of those three levels?

Marie Haynes will help you take your theoretical understanding of E-A-T and apply it practically to every single content piece… and also your overall content strategy.

This webinar is perfect wherever you are in the process of creating content for your audience:

  1. You already have killer content,

  2. You’re creating a wonderful content strategy that will wow your audience,

  3. You’re planning for future content.

If you want your content to be taken seriously by Google, and have maximum ‘EAT-effect’, this webinar is 100% not-to-be-missed. 

Host: Jason Barnard.

Panelists: Nik Ranger, Loren Baker.

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