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4 Hours of E-A-T | Using Schema to Boost E-A-T


In your industry, you are the most trustworthy, you have the most expert content, and you work with the most authoritative brands and people... You know that. But does Google? Probably not. Or, at least it isn’t as clear to Google as it is to you.

So, set out your stall. Explain clearly to Google who you are, what you know and who you work with… Once it has fully understood that, Google will see what you see - that you, your content and everyone you work with are the cream of the crop. And, when push comes to shove, you are the most credible option for its users.

Jono Alderson will give you the keys to bringing Google around to your point of view by providing information in formats it can easily digest and understand: clear copywriting, well-structured content... and Schema markup. 

You have the content, you have the relationships, and you have credibility… this webinar will show you how to ‘big yourself up’ to Google by effectively presenting your amazing Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.

Host: Jason Barnard.

Panelists: Lily Ray, Andrew Cock-Starkey.

All levels

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