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4 Hours of E-A-T | What is E-A-T and Why is It So Very Important?


Everyone in the SEO industry agrees that E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) is fundamental to any viable strategy that aims at being visible in Google today. But beyond just being visible on organic search results, the concept hooks directly into almost every other digital marketing channel. In short, your entire online marketing strategy will benefit from an E-A-T approach. 

Jennifer Slegg kicks off #4HoursOfEAT with a practical guide to what Google means by Expertise, Authority and Trust, what the Rater Quality Guidelines tell us about what exactly Google is looking for, and what all that means to you, your digital marketing strategy, and ultimately the bottom line of your business. 

Whatever your industry, and whatever the current focus of your online marketing, intelligently focussing on E-A-T is a game-changer in 2020.

Watch this mega-webinar to learn about placing E-A-T front and center and transforming your digital marketing strategy.

Host: Jason Barnard.

Panelists: Casey Markee, Ric Rodriguez.

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