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4 Simple Steps To Build a Perfect Sales Funnel & Transform Your Business


Are you ready to discover the 4 simple steps you can use to build a perfect sales funnel ? What if you could suddenly do what most companies dream of and put your entire sales process on autopilot?   Join SEMrush Inbound marketing strategist Paul Klebanov as he uncovers how you can use today's most effective digital automation platforms and direct response marketing methodologies to build your very own automated sales funnel for your business, virtually guaranteeing that no stone goes unturned, and all your prospects get nurtured to potential loyal fans and customers, each and every time. In this webinar, Paul will remove the overwhelming mystery surrounding digital automation and provide the following simple 4 step agile process:   ·      In Step 1, Paul discloses exactly how to establish an effective customer’s persona and arms you with a surefire process you can use to crystalize your marketing message. At the end of this step you will know know exactly who you're communicating to and bring the necessity of your product to life. Getting this step wrong virtually guarantees ineffective communication with your site visitors, making this of the outmost import!   ·      In Step 2, Paul will discuss a landing page attraction formula used by some of the highest converting landing pages online. By the end of this step you will not only attract your visitors, but hook them into your message, and convert them into hot leads for your business.     ·      In Step 3, Paul reveals  an agile method you can use starting today to deploy your landing pages, split testing your copy, and connecting it to an email automation platform, all done with no programming or web design experience. At the end of this step, you will learn how you can use basic push and click skills to start generating new leads to not only build your landing pages, but star nurturing your prospects completely on autopilot.   ·      In Step 4, Paul will show you how you can leverage the customer persona developed in step one and reverse engineer your competitors traffic strategy, uncover their best ad placements, and start fueling your attraction formula infused landing page, with highly targeted visitors   The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session at the end.