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5 Hours of Content Marketing | How One Marketing Agency Uses Content to Rank for Search and Win New Customers


The battle for customer attention and search traffic is heating up. And while many marketers try back end updates or paid efforts to break through the noise, one content marketing agency takes its own medicine when it comes to creating simple organic content to rank for thousands of the keywords their customers use, reaching nearly a million visitors a year, and convert that traffic to leads and sales. All without spending a single dollar on paid.

In this session, Michael B. Brenner talks about how anyone can apply this simple approach to:

  1. Identify the questions their audience is asking,
  2. Create a simple annual plan to start publishing quality content,
  3. Connect the ROI of search rankings and traffic to leads and revenue, and much more.

Hosted by Andy Crestodina.

Guest experts: Michelle Robbins, Dale Bertrand.

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