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5 Most-Common PPC Obstacles – and How to Overcome Them


Setting up a high-performing AdWords campaign can seem like a start-and-stop affair, with roadblocks and obstacles at every turn. Hanapin Marketing's Senior Digital Advisor, Kayla Kurtz, is responsible for squeezing ROI from hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget each month. In her role, she has overcome the obstacles and heard the questions that stymie even the most determined online advertisers. She will share her plans, insights and workarounds to help search engine marketers obtain the results they work so hard for. Michael Stricker is SEMrush’s Marketing Director and will draw on his consulting experience to help define and diagnose issues according to the symptoms, and demonstrate helpful ways to gain insights using SEMrush.  

In this SEMrush webinar, you'll learn:

  • Budget allocation – how much is too much? Too little? Or, just enough? Am I of local stature and relevance, or of national significance?
  • Ad copy and CTR – Can competitive ad research help me get a leg up?
  • When clicks drop – diagnosing the cause, be it competitors, keywords, prices/offers or our own copy?
  • Declining Paid Ad search impression share – what is making us invisible?
  • When CPC rises and budget exhausts – how to select keywords by CPC or competition level?