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5 Steps To Setting Up A Webinar To Generate Sales and Leads


Are Webinars Wonderful or Wasteful?


Webinars and screencast are many things to many different people. Are webinars for your business? The answer may not always be 'yes'. 


The fact is, it does work for a lot of businesses; when it is put together and leveraged properly it can really help you grow your expertise in your niche, your audience and leads, as well as helping you build your entire digital ecosystem.


Ask yourself: are you delivering value and creating an ROI for your business with Webinars?


The challenge comes down to how can it work with your business online - for sales, for information, for awareness. Whatever you decide, webinars can help you build ROI into all of your online activities. 


Want to know how you can start to make it work for you and your business?


Find out what you can do to quickly grow your audience and grow your leads and Return on Investment by using webinars more effectively.


Doyle will show you these 3 Simple Things:

  • The Tools you can use to host and use webinars for your audience
  • The Process to build your sales and leads based activity with webinars
  • The Knowledge needed to fully connect Webinars with your own digital ecosystem


Speaker: Doyle Buehler


Doyle Buehler is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and online business strategist. From several successful start-ups and retail franchise businesses in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia, to helping other companies succeed with their ideas and strategies, he has spent over 14 years in the business world making things happen – both online and off. He is a Leading innovator in the online, ecommerce worlds, and at the intersections of entrepreneurship and digital innovation. His experience has been utilised in various global industries, including travel, insurance, pharmaceuticals, banking, investment, hospitality, finance, events and learning domains.


His newest book, "The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance and Misinformation Online", discusses the reality of the online industry, and what business leaders can do to get beyond the clutter, confusion and distraction of the online world, to become a true digital leader.


He now runs the world's first "anti-agency", The Digital Delusion, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders become less reliant on "guru's", and "experts", and getting rid of the bullsh*t online, by empowering and enabling them to become accountable (& awesome) online.