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7 Techniques for Better Content Performance


You can download the slides by Elena here: http://bit.ly/2raZVPI


When preparing for a show, you need to take care of a lot of things - the lighting, the supporting band, choreography, broadcasting, etc. It’s not enough just to be a great artist. It’s the same with content - it’s not enough to simply write a post; even if it’s good, there’s always a way to make it outstanding.

In this webinar, Elena Terenteva - product marketing manager at SEMrush - will:

  • provide you with simple techniques to help your content perform amazingly
  • give you a list of tools she uses on a daily basis while creating content for SEMrush
  • demonstrate which SEMrush tools are especially useful when it comes to content marketing 

Join our webinar and learn how to make your content work for you better!