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9 Bing Ads Hacks to Hone Your Competitive Edge


 In digital marketing, competition is everything.  And knowing your competition- what they’re doing, how they think, what they’re doing right, and what they’re missing- can give you an incredible advantage.  Competitive espionage doesn’t always require you to play cloak-and-dagger spy games… sometimes, it just requires Excel, a useful tool or two, and a helping hand. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn the following competitive hacks:

  • Free and paid tools you can use to understand and dominate your competitive landscape.
  • Why feature adoption keeps you ahead of the curve.
  • How utilizing Bing Ads puts you one step ahead of your competition.
  • Why your competitor’s strategy is hiding in plain sight on the SERP, and how you can find it.

To actualize these competitive hacks ASAP, attendees of this webinar will have access to FREE $100 dollar Bing ads coupons if they are a new user. Additionally, users who want to maximize the effectiveness of their PPC strategy will be granted access to a FREE 30 Day Trial of SEMrush Guru.