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Generate B2B Success through PPC with Accurate Marketing Attribution


In B2B marketing, your clients need accurate attribution data. A longer sales cycle means more touch points and cross-channel engagement before a sales conversion. B2B also means more top-of-funnel, or first-touch, activity like content marketing, PR, and pay-per-click advertising. Online marketers need to be able to show their B2B clients how PPC contributes accurately to the bottom line. Today’s first click and last touch models are outdated. It takes creativity and the correct tools to solve this problem in B2B. Enter Aaron Bird and the Bizible team to show how agencies and in-house PPC managers can solve the problem of accurate and reliable online attribution marketing. Best of all, all this is way simpler than you might think.

In this webinar on Thursday, April 30th at 12:00pm EDT you’ll learn:

  • How to approach B2B attribution modeling for your clients and business
  • How you can address the current challenges that get in the way of using multi-touch modeling.
  • An excellent strategy for boosting your PPC client base in the B2B landscape


Attendees of this webinar will receive a special offer off the price of Bizible. Additionally, PPC managers can track client competition and build successful keyword strategies using a FREE 30 Day Trial of SEMrush Guru.