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7 Brain Hacks for Powerful Copy


Contemporary SEO copywriting is less about pleasing Google’s algorithm and more about pleasing people. However, that simple shift puts an enourmous amount of strain back on Marketing copywriters. Not only do they have to optmimize for google--they have to develop successful marketing strategies inside every single piece of content they produce if they want to get results. 

To a dedicated SEO copywriter, connecting with a large audience is an achievable goal if they apply their SEO skills to medium and long form content writing. Heather Lloyd-Martin is a true artist of this field and can provide clear methods for content creators to use in their marketing copy. 

In this webinar on Tuesday, April 7th at 12:00pm EDT, you will learn:

  • Simple brain hacks you can use to boost conversions, build trust and engage your readers.
  • The best ways to use testimonials, leverage social proof, and make readers take fast action
  • How your content can generate connections by eliciting a genuine emotional response from your readers.
  • How to write copy that catches eyes and generates clicks

The best content writers know how to use relevant data in their research. To help you with this, attendees of this webinar will receive a FREE 30 Day trial of SEMrush Guru. Additionally, Attendees will have access to a 25% discount on Heather Lloyd-Martin's SEO Copywriting Certification course--the ONLY industry recognized writing certification out there!