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Mobile Test Results: What Mobile Web 2.0 Will Look Like


Your mobile conversion rate is probably much lower than your desktop conversion rate. But don't worry, this is an opportunity!

The mobile web today is like the original Web circa 1995. Today we look back at Web 1.0 and giggle. Our tests are telling us that Mobile Web 1.0 will seem equally ridiculous. Join Brian Massey in this SEMrush Webinar and get a preview of what Mobile Web 2.0 will look like based on tests he has completed on live sites. 

In this Webinar on Thursday, May 7th at 2:30pm EDT, you will learn:

  • Why  Mobile Web 1.0 will improve faster than  Web 1.0. 
  • If you should we invest in responsive mobile designs 
  • What makes your mobile visits successful.
  • Which sacred mobile cows are likely to die.