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SEMrush Case Study Stories: Revisiting Google Content Quality Signals


What happens when you break literally every single one of Google's guidelines for content quality? 

This is the exact problem presented to Andrew O'Connor and his SEO team over at Rank Lab when a lead generation site in the financial services sector signed on as a client. The client had been ravaged by a MASSIVE panda blow that cut their traffic down by 60-70%. No matter what they could do, they couldn't get their rankings back.   

Join Andrew O'Connor in this INCREDIBLE case study story as he outlines how he took this site from the depths of pandemonium to an incredible 400% lift in traffic. It's an excellent primer on how to boots tthe quality of you content in the eyes of google.   

Specifically, Andrew will cover: 

  • How he refined the site's structure
  • What guidelines he used to determine whether a page had valuable content
  • Which on-page quality signals he improved to boost traffic
  • Why he needed tools to conduct the site consolidation process. 

It takes in-depth keyword knowledge to do your own content consolidation. To help everyone take action on the insights Andrew will impart, attendees of this webinar will have access to a FREE 15 day trial of SEmrush Guru. Sweet!