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The 5 Step Formula to Attract Your Audience Online, Increase Revenue and Position Your Business for Success!


Did you know that the #1 reason your prospects are leaving your website or not paying attention to your social media posts is because of a lack of message?

Are you finding that few people are finding their way to your website or if people are coming they are not staying let alone contacting you or buying? If you really want to learn how to use the Internet to leverage your small business marketing and sales success then this webinar is for you. Don Purdum is THE premiere relationship marketer on the digital scene, and he can help you build your message to a lazer-focused precision that nobody can ignore.  Specifically, Don will go into: 


  • Why so many businesses are struggling online and give you practical ideas that you can implement immediately to help your business.
  • Why your prospects are frustrated by businesses who aren’t giving them a reason to buy.
  •  Why many businesses are wasting their investment in marketing online and throwing money down the toilet; and what you can do to capitalize on the power of the internet.
  •  How to attract an audience instead of repel them.
  •  Why marketing is not about you and selling but about competency, credibility and trust.

Building trust and relationships requires you to understand where you lie in the competitive landscape. To help with this, attendees of this webinar will have access to a FREE 15-day trial of SEMrush Guru