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The Deadly Dozen: 12 Common UX Mistakes that Kill Conversion


Let’s face it… there’s an almost unlimited number of UX mistakes marketers make that hurt conversion. We’ve identified the most common and most severe missteps. If you can identify your User Experience  issues--you can go a long way towards saving your site's conversion. Brian Lewis of SiteTuners has been perfecting his UX strategies for over twenty years and his adivce here is solid. See if your site suffers from any of the Deadly Dozen and if so, what you can do to fix it quick.

  In this webinar, Brian will cover:

  • examples of deadly UX mistakes
  • A look at sites that are playing the UX game well. 
  • Advice on how to get rid of UX issues on your site

To help with keywords that will boost your UX goals, you'll have access to a FREE 15 day trial of SEMrush Guru when you attend this webinar. Sweet!