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Things Organized Neatly: How to Preserve your Site's Rank After a Move


Moving or upgrading your website is already a nightmare enough without worrying about  the negative effects it can have on SEO. A simple change in site architecture can cause google to wreak havoc on your rankings. Moving your website to different servers can and will demolish your authority that you've carefully crafted for your keywords. This is horrifying, but if you take the right steps before, during and after your move--you CAN effectively keep your rankings and your authority alive. Beth Kahlich guides SEMrush viewers deep into this process during this special edition of Webinars with SEmrush.

You're going to take away a lot actionable ideas from this SEMrush Webinar. You're going to learn:

  • Strategies for how you should organize your site before a big move
  • Insights into how you can make  a site architecture that will maximize your SEO
  • Just how possible it is to preserve your ranks even after moving your website.

To help find he keywords that will keep your page-rank alive, attendees of this webinar will have access to a free 1  month trial of SEMrush Guru.