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SEO visibility is no longer about one type of ranking. SERPs have undergone a revolutionary change in presentation. Google now serves different results based on query themes, the location of the user, personalization, devices used, and types of content available.

Loren Baker will show you how to track your domain's performance for these different opportunities. Plus, he'll share successful methods you can use to create an integrated digital strategy to support overall search, social, local, and branding goals.

In this webinar on Thursday, March 19th at 12:00pm EDT, you will learn:

  • How Google results differ by location for local and national queries
  • How to track different SERPS based on geo-location
  • Tactics that small businesses, service-area businesses, virtual businesses and enterprises can implement to rank
  • How to build powerful links, rich with local signals

Attendees of this webinar will receive a one hour free link consultation (for qualified leads) and 10% off infographic design services from Foundation Digital. In addition, attendees will receive access to to a FREE 30-Day Trial of SEMrush Guru with which to empower their SEO using the methods learned during this must-see webinar.