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Find 'em and Fill 'em: Using SEMrush for Topic Gap Analysis


SEMrush: Find 'em and Fill 'em: Using SEMrush for Topic Gap Analysis  image 1

One of the fastest growing areas of SEO and content strategy is comprehensive, holistic topic coverage for blogs and websites. Google’s Hummingbird filter has changed how content is ranked. Keywords don’t matter anymore. It's all about semantic search. Leveraging semantic associations throughout your site can boost your rankings (a lot!)

Problems occur when website and blog content become too broad and diverge from overarching themes.  There are very few products outside enterprise software which can help users to find topic gaps and avoid this so-called "topic creep."  

Data analyst extraordinaire, Eric Van Buskirk will demonstrate how to do topic research for your blogs and websites by using several tools within the SEMrush interface.   

Eric will show you how this research can be combined with data from a website’s Google Webmaster Tools to find “gaps” in coverage.

Don't miss this deep dive into data analysis with an expert who knows the process and the tools both inside and out. Take the opportunity to pick Eric's brain and get an actionable plan to get your content back on-point!

Attendees of this webinar will be given access to a 15-day free trial of SEMrush to put Eric's analysis to use right away!