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Your Ultimate Path to Google Shopping Success


Right now, google shopping is the richest advertising channel for your online business. Not utilizing PLA ads is passing up on mountains of opportunity. You need to be running Product Listing Ads as a part of your strategy and if you focus your efforts up front--it can be surprisingly easy to find success early on. Ecommerce legend Brett Curry has been navigating the wilds of the google shopping landscape for years now--and his experience can help you wrangle a colossal ROI.

Specifically, Brett will delve into:

-Where to look for keywords that resonate with Buyers -Steps you can take to trump your PLA competition -How to compare images to find what jumps out the most -What you need to do to grow your profitability in this space

Attendees of this webinar can take advantage of all these great points by getting access to a FREE 15-Day trial of SEMrush Guru.