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A user-centred approach to building content for traffic & links


You've built content for your site's product or service, improved on-page optimisation and perhaps even started a blog to house content marketing, but what's next?

There's a great opportunity for most sites to expand their traffic through digging into the language, questions and feedback of our customers. Whether working in-house or from an agency, we can all take advantage of a user-centered design approach to our content to boost relevancy and keyword opportunities.

Charlie will be taking a deeper look at how we can build content that focusses on answering user needs than merely pushing our sales pitch. We'll be looking at practical tips and methods we can all use to create content that widens our organic reach through the expansion and diversification of our online expertise.

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • How to expand beyond simple product/service content to create content that answers your potential audience's questions
  • Expanding your keyword research to mine for new, relevant subject niches you can speak on as an authority
  • Finding user-centred topics your competitors are succesfully targeting
  • Utilising in-house resources to understand your customer's questions & concerns
  •  Taking advantage of the entire online buying cycle to give yourself more chances to appear in front of prospective customers