Advanced PPC #4: Advanced Ad Testing from Small to Enterprise accounts

In this webinar, we will discuss how to test your high-value keywords with single ad group testing and the rest of your account at scale with multi-ad group testing. With the changes to how ads are rendered; we'll look at two common ad templates to test that will quickly get you started. Once you set up a test, your rotation settings are very important, so we'll cover what settings to use while ad testing and what to use when you aren't actively testing. Finally, picking winners and losers is critical. The common metrics such as CTR and conversion rate are terrible metrics to use; so we'll cover the metrics you should be using based upon your account goals. By the end of this session; you'll know how to set, manage, and improve your account with a simple, yet powerful, ad testing strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • Single vs Multi ad group testing
  • Some simple ad templates
  • Metrics to use
  • Ad rotation

Short presentation by Brad Geddes will be followed by a panel discussion with our experts: Navah Hopkins, Aaron Levy. We will be getting into how to use 2 vs 3 line headlines and probably RSA vs ETA.

Hosted by Joel Bondorowsky

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