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AdWords Extensions Are No Longer Decoration - 5 Keys to Outclick Your Competition


Have you noticed that the text ads that used to appear to the right of Google's search results are now gone? Yes, Google is getting rid of that right column and adding instead a fourth ad for "highly commercial queries" above the organic search results. How can small businesses running AdWords campaigns be affected by this?  

Simple. Right-side ads were not able to display all the extensions, but since now they are gone, all ads will be able to display them. We are talking call, callout, review, sitelink and location extensions which make up to 75% of the ad’s real estate. Those campaigns that neglect them will see a lower click rate and eventually a lower quality score which will lead to a higher cost per click. To put it simply, no extensions = no good. All of the sudden, extensions became more than mere decoration. Use them (extensions) or lose them (customers). Danny Mola, founder of Kolau, and renowned expert on small business marketing will present 5 keys that small businesses must use to outclick their competition. Data from Semrush will be used to support the findings. Some questions that this webinar will answer:​ * I am a small business - should I care much about this? * What AdWords extensions should small businesses focus on? * How can AdWords extensions help my small business campaign? * What is the best way to leverage these extensions? Plus many more tactics to optimize your AdWord extensions which you will only find on this webinar!