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Beyond Keyword Research: Deep Data Dives with SEMrush API Modules


Your number 1 problem with keyword research right now is how singular it is. You're comparing keywords one by one. This wastes time and paints a painfully limited picture of the keyword landscape. 

This problem is at the core of Eric Van Buskirk's new process: multiple variable comparisons. Eric Van Buskirk uses Web based API SEMrush modules he developed which are free for SEMrush customers.The key to the power (magic?) of leveraging the SEMrush API lies in how you can use it for multiple variable searches. That is--searches with two or more variables.  The number of relationships available for comparison goes up exponentially with bulk searches. Why do we examine one domain to find content ideas? Why look at metrics for one keyword at a time? Would you sum up an opposing baseball team by looking at players in silos? Why not look at all the players of the team you are to compete with on the field at the same time? Comparing them as a group is far more powerful.

Eric Van Buskirk will show you the true multifaceted beauty of your keyword landscape in a way you've never seen before. Sepcifically Eric will delve into: 

  • How to use cheap SEMrush API to do bulk keyword searches.
  • Why bulk search paints a much more vivid picture of keyword use and relationships.
  • The ways in which you can use multiple variable search to gain far more actionable insights for your content and SEO. 

To have access to the API you need to perform this game-changing search tactic, you'll be granted a FREE 15 day trial of SEMrush Guru after attending this webinar.