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Biggest mistakes you are making with your funnel, and how to fix them to increase conversions immediately


Here’s what we’re going to learn from Talia Wolf:

  • The one and ONLY job your funnel has to perform to generate the leads you need for your business - If bringing in leads is a crucial part of your job, you have to make sure your funnel is doing this ONE specific job, and nothing else. 
  • Why people just aren’t into your funnel: The BIGGEST, most common mistakes businesses make with their ads, landing pages and email sequences in their funnel, and how to fix them right now so your funnel does the job it’s meant to be doing.
  • The 4 most important steps in a high-converting funnel: The EXACT funnel I use for my own business (including a peek at the campaigns we’re currently running) , and my clients’, So you can set it up for your own business in a matter of days

Hosted by Tristam Jarman

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