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Building a Massive Email List With Video




Are you ready to have your video efforts transform your email list into a powerhouse? Video can do a lot of things for your business, but one major boon is kicking your email list into complete overdrive.   If you are ready for ultimate success in video marketing, tune into “Building a Massive Email List With Video” with Wistia’s very own customer champion Jordan Munson and SEMrush’s inbound marketing strategist and webinar host Paul Klebanov.   Together they will bring forth the strategies you need to start transforming yourself into the ultimate video list-building ninja.   In this webinar, you will uncover:  

  • How to fuel your videos with viewers who are hungry for your content.
  • Wistia's very own insider strategies used to grow its audience by a huge margin in the last two years.
  • Secret 60 second sales hook formula used to skyrocket your visitors conversion rates.
  • Strategies you can implement today to put your video on steroids and virtually guarantee that your efforts working overtime for your and your business so you don't have to.
  • And much more, including how to get your video to nurture your leads completely on autopilot.