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Case Study Stories with Chris Beck


When an SEO pulls off an internet marketing miracle, we rarely get any insight into how they do it. To demystify SEO success, SEMrush is offering top SEO pros  the chance to detail an effective SEO campaign every week.

You'll benefit from stories of internet marketing triumphs that use data as proof of real SEO results in our new series:  SEMrush Case Study Stories.

In our very first Case Study Story, Chris Beck veteran Sr. SEO Strategist goes deep on how he took a small business lending website from a meager 10 keywords ranking in the Google top five and propelled it to have over 120 top five page ranks in the SERPS. He'll detail techniques that thrust this website to top ranks on ULTRA high-volume searches, despite the fact it was a highly competitive landscape.

In this Webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd at 1:00pm, you will learn:

  • How to successfully build rankings quickly, even for competitive keywords
  • Why site architecture and URL structures matter so much for SEO
  • Where content matters most
  • Why SEO is in fact, not dying, but thriving

For those who want to further their SEO strategy, Chris Beck is offering a FREE SEO consultation for qualified leads. To help find the keywords and competetive intelligence requisite for a solid SEO strategy, attendees will also have access to a FREE 30 Day Trial of SEMrush Guru.