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Chatbots: The future is Here


Back in the early 2000s it wasn’t uncommon to have email open rates that were over 75%. People actually looked forward to getting messages! Fast-forward to 2018 and many businesses are finding that their email open rates have plummeted to under 10% - and it’s not even certain that their messages will get delivered! The great news is that right now we're experiencing another similar communications revolution to the one that happened 20 years ago with email – this time it’s messaging apps – and specifically how chatbots are starting to revolutionize the way that people are interacting with businesses. And the really exciting part of this is that businesses are experiencing the same level of message open rates and interaction with chatbots that they last experienced when email marketing was in its embryonic stage. Chatbot kings Larry Kim(MobileMonkey) and Seth Louey(Botlist) join host David Bain for this very special webinar on how chatbots are directing the future of communication between you and your customer. Not to be missed!