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Competitive Analysis from an SEO's Perspective


We all know that Google is no longer 10 blue links. Every day it seems there is a new visual element popping up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

In this episode of the DigitalRUSH, Stephen Stanczak, Principal at Ondyr Marketing, shows how to complete a competitive analysis focusing specifically on these increasingly important SERP Features. 

Learn how to determine which SERP features, rich results, and ads your competitors are showing up for and how to maximize your chances of overtaking them using SEO best practices. We will discuss schema markup, structured data, Google My Business, on-SERP SEO strategies and much more.

Stephen Stanczak is the Founder and CEO of Ondyr Marketing. Stephen has 10+ years of marketing experience including work on several digital marketing campaigns for companies such as Microsoft, General Electric and various start-ups. Stephen holds a bachelors degree from Temple and an MBA from Cornell University. He has spoken and mentored at organizations such as Techstars, Baruch College, Techhub NYC, New York Marketing Association, and Grand Central Tech.

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