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Content and Conversion Audits for WordPress Bloggers


In this session, renowned SEO Casey Markee and Content and Conversion expert Erik Stafford broke down exactly how to capitalize on all your traffic, specifically within the WordPress framework. They answered questions and audited websites during the live webinar.

  • Discover how to get clear on your goals, and identify opportunities for generating revenue from your blog outside "just" serving ads,
  • Erik shared five proven tips for improving conversions, and a simple messaging strategy for making offers,
  • Various options for CRO, split-testing, and data tracking WordPress plugins were discussed.

Recent algorithmic updates by Google have wrecked bloggers in the last quarter of 2019 and good content and site design that CONVERTS for users has never been more important. Go into 2020 with a clear view of how to leverage your existing traffic to the fullest and increase bottom-line revenue at the same time.

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