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Content Club India #3


Content Club India is a webinar series aimed at bringing together content writers, marketers and strategists in India. Our host Rohan Ayyar will aim to engage experts in the field in an engrossing discussion on creating and promoting content for a specific niche or audience.

In this episode, we talk about Content Marketing for Agencies.

Our guest speakers are:

  • Arti Agarwal, awarded the Most Influential Content Marketing Professional at World Marketing Congress 2017 and founder of Quiller, a boutique content agency catering to startups and small businesses.
  • Himanshu Arora, co-founder of Social Panga, one of India's fastest growing agencies. He is also a Google Regional Trainer. He has conducted over 200 trainings and workshops for 50+ big brands across India.

The experts will share their inputs on

  • How agencies can prepare and execute content strategies for clients
  • Content marketing tactics that work well in India
  • Some specific steps that selected sites can take to improve their content marketing

Register now and join the conversation! If you'd like the experts to provide insights about the content on your website, just enter it in the 'Website' field in the registration form. You can also tweet your questions to us using the hashtag #SEMrushIndia.

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