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Content Club India #5


Content Club India is a webinar series aimed at bringing together content writers, marketers and strategists in India. Our host Rohan Ayyar will aim to engage experts in the field in an engrossing discussion on creating and promoting content for a specific niche or audience.

In this episode, we talk about Outreach Tactics: How to Get Your Content Published on Third-Party Media.

Our guest speakers are:

  • Anshul Motwani, founder of Wittypen, one of India's foremost content platforms that connects writers and agencies. He's also on LinkedIn's list of Top 50 Content Marketers in India.
  • Jason Mun, Director of Search & Insights at Overdose Digital, is an experienced marketer specialising in integrated digital marketing and analytics. He works with some of Australia's biggest brands on their content, SEO and PPC campaigns.

The experts will share their inputs on

  • How to pitch your ideas to publications
  • How you can generate traffic and leads from third-party sites
  • How to develop long-time relationships with the media

Register now and join the conversation! If you'd like the experts to provide insights about the content on your website, just enter it in the 'Website' field in the registration form.

You can also tweet your questions to us using the hashtag #SEMrushIndia.


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