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Content Monetization Engines: Generating Growth with Info Product Marketing like It’s 2015


The days when keyword-optimized landing pages with downloadable PDFs, powered by PayPal and video testimonials performed best are long over.  Established brands or long-standing websites with decent traffic can still convert hard-won site visitors into paying customers using the tactics and technologies of the past. You can do much better, today.

Why? Because both Google and consumers have evolved. 

Info products are content pieces, downloadable or streamed in multi media. Info product marketing in 2015 is about learning new ways to distribute and monetize content so that you can reach incremental buyers and leads on platforms that offer a large number of engaged users who are there for one reason: to buy premium content. These high-growth content monetization platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, Audible or Udemy, are also ranked well in Google and have their own distribution channels. Above all, their algorithms are built in a way that rewards network effect – every additional user brings a lot of value to your business. You can’t match that with a downloadable PDF on your site.

Have you missed the boat? No worries. The platforms presented in this free webinar are still largely untapped niches that represent gold-rush opportunities for creative content marketers who use keyword research and analytical insights to win big. 

In this webinar (originally aired on Tuesday, January 20th 2015), you will learn how to:

  • Differentiate your content using the ‘infotainment’ product design strategy
  • Design a winning info product go-to-market plan to use the ‘spider method’
  • Leverage high-growth content monetization platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace, Audible, Udemy, Skillskare, Fedora, and more
  • Build a long-lasting info product brand and extend it’s life-cycle by repurposing content into various formats, including Kindle, audio, and paperback books or online courses.
  • Scale the distribution of your info product to reach fragmented audiences on the Web
  • Leverage your existing platform, including website, blog traffic, and social media community to launch your info product
  • Build an info product funnel that fits into your overall marketing mix


About the presenter:

Matthew Capala is an Internet marketer, growth consultant, entrepreneur, international speaker, trainer and author. He is the founder of SearchDecoder.com, and Adj. Professor at NYU, where he teaches advanced, graduate course on search marketing. Matthew writes for several leading publications, including The Next Web, ProBlogger, and Sparksheet, and was featured on global media outlets, including the Huffington Post. He has helped many of the world’s biggest brands to spur unprecedented online growth, including Apple, LG, Western Union, Prudential, and many more.  He is the author of Amazon best-selling book, “SEO Like I’m 5.”