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Don’t Redesign Your Website without this Critical Strategy

The traditional website redesign process is broken. Redesigns usually end up over-budget, overdue, and with lower conversion rates. That’s a huge risk for any business to take! Thankfully, today there’s a better way; Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR). Using a dramatic and proven A/B testing method, companies like Amazon, Dell, and Google are redesigning their websites without the typical redesign risk and frustration, and you can too! 
Join us on November 19, 2014 at 2pm EST as industry-leading ESR expert, Chris Goward, shows you examples, methods and strategic frameworks you can use to make massive website improvements. You’ll find out how to get a well designed on-brand new website that will also lift your web profit.
  • Why traditional website redesigns are a failed strategy. 
  • What Evolutionary Site Redesign is and how to use it.
  • Case study examples of real, replicable success.
  • Frameworks you can use to lift your website results now
About the presenter:
Chris Goward (@ChrisGoward)
Chris founded WiderFunnel with the belief that marketing agencies should prove their value.  He is the brains behind the LIFT™ and Kaizen Methods™ for conversion optimization. He keynotes at conferences and seminars around the world, debunking so-called "best practices" that actually don't work. He evangelizes how marketers can implement strategies to get more revenue and profit from their web and mobile assets.
Chris is the author of the best-selling book “You Should Test That!” which has 5 star rating on Amazon. When eBay, Magento, Build Direct, Electronic Arts (EA) and Wine Express need dramatic marketing insights – they call Chris Goward at WiderFunnel. 
P.S. We will be giving away a FREE copy of Chris’s best selling and critically acclaimed book on CRO: You Should Test That! Attend the webinar to be eligible to win.