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e-Commerce SEO Surgery #2

The second episode of e-Commerce SEO Surgery with Paul Lovell and a panel of SEO and CRO experts will have the pleasure of looking at the UK retailer Appliances Online, ao.com, along with some other lucky websites that will be picked soon.

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  • Luke Carthy, e-Commerce Growth Consultant — specializing in growth strategy, conversion, and search,
  • Franco Valentino, an author, speaker, & developer of the Website Ecosystem Model that supercharges websites to optimize their speed, security, and traffic,
  • 4th expert to be picked soon.

e-Commerce Surgery is a one-hour roundtable live discussion with SEO/CRO experts from all over the world. During the session, speakers review selected e-commerce websites, share their inputs on how to improve performance, discuss the most critical metrics and point out pitfalls in optimization.

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