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Electrify Your Mobile Results: An Epic Roundtable Discussion


It’s been official for months now: the majority of searches are now happening on mobile. And that trend is starting to expand immensely as more and more markets come online. S0 some of your greatest successes in the coming years are nearly guaranteed to come from optimizing your mobile strategy. But with the landscape frothing with change on an almost hourly basis--how on earth are you supposed to find the path that's best for your business?  SEMrush is going to start you down the road to Mobile Enlightenment with this absolutely ridiculous mobile panel--stocked to the brim with the top mobile and marketing talents. It'll be tough to be present in this panel without it thoroughly blowing your mind. 

Specifically, our expert panel is going to dive into: 

  • Key strategies for mobile success and conversion
  • What experience is the most beneficial to your audience
  • How to build a mobile SEO toolkit to master your needs
  • How you should structure your website to optimize across mobile and desktop users. 

To utilize the keyword tracking tools necessary for mobile success, you'll have access to a FREE 15 day trial of SEMrushy Guru after attending this webinar.