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Enhance Your Strategy with the SEMrush Social Media Marketing Tool [Yeah, We Have a Tool for That...]


We probably don't need to tell you how integral Social Media is to the success of your Digital Marketing campaigns. Word-of-mouth has always been the most effective brand awareness channel and Social Media has only amplified it a million times over. So why wouldn't SEMrush deliver a tool that can help you monitor the Social Media presence of your competitors? That's just what we do!!

Our Social Media Marketing tool is new and you definitely need to learn how to use it. On Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 2pm EDT, let our Customer Success wizards show you:

  • How to start tracking your competitors Social Media activity;
  • How to benchmark yourself against the competiton;
  • How to improve your campaigns based on the data collected by the SEMrush Social Media Marketing Tool.