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GA #1: Account Setup, Is Your House In Order?


We’re going to tell you a story, a story about why the default settings are never ok for your business. Computer programs are stupid, humans are smart. If you don’t manage to configure your account properly than you are left with a, data rubbish in = data rubbish out, dynamic. If you have a poor account setup all the data you have is trashed, and you, dear friends, are losing opportunities, making poor choices, and having a bad time.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how your Google Analytics account is structured - and what Account, Properties and Views actually mean

  • You’ll learn how to create View and Properties - tinkering with settings along the way
  • You’ll see what the difference between predefined filters (system) and custom filters (you) is - along with use case examples, and a guided walk through of common filters that you can create on your account right now, to keep your data clean and correct
  • You’ll discover which toggles and settings that you need to care about, and what impact they have on your data
  • You’ll get a free template that you can use, right now, and forever
  • You’ll learn to love analytics (we do!)

Our speakers, Jill Quick & Aiden Carroll, both from The Coloring In Department will be leading the talk with a practical presentation, and taking your questions too. Jill & Aiden have taught over 65,000 marketers between them, so they know a thing or seven about what matters, and what doesn’t. This talk is part one of a series of three, on Google Analytics, delivered by the experts.

The copy of the House Model and the Admin Audit (templates)


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