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GA #2: How To Track Traffic, Like A Champ?





Tracking your campaigns and inbound traffic is not just a nice to have, it’s a need to survive! You need to know what’s working, what’s bombing, and use data from your analytics to justify your budget and resources, so that you can keep doing super smashing marketing wizardry. And keep your job/clients/friends.

What did we talk about in this webinar?


  • The importance of tracking in Google Analytics, and why your Acquisition reports are so important
  • The core reporting API, and how Google Analytics actually defines your marketing channels, as well how you can make mistakes with the channel definitions
  • How UTM/campaign tracking codes work, as well as a framework we created called the Tracking Triangle © to help guide you
  • What the common tracking problems are, and what you can do to fix your them (hurrah!)
  • How to tinker with your settings and anything outside of Google’s default setup. (Spoiler, you need to do this, especially if you are doing paid social)
  • Who gets the credit for your marketing? What is attribution and how to use it in Google Analytics
  • There's a free template that you can use, right now, and forever - if you click the “More Info” link below you’ll get this


Our speakers, Jill Quick & Aiden Carroll, both from The Coloring In Department led the talk with a practical presentation, and took a number of questions too. Jill & Aiden have taught over 65,000 marketers between them, so they know a thing or seven about what matters, and what doesn’t. This talk was part one of a series of three, on Google Analytics, delivered by the experts.



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