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GA #3: What Do Visitors Do? Cracking Events & Goals In Google Analytics


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What the hell do users do on your site?

When you have them set up, Google Analytics Events can really supercharge your understanding of what your customers are doing, because whilst it's great to understand what pages people are looking at on your website, you really want to know what people are actually -doing- on your website, and for that you need to set up Event Tracking. And even more importantly, Goals. You like money right?

Sadly, these additional insights don’t come pre-built in, you have to create them yourself, you need to understand how to brief them properly too so that you can understand the data when it appears in your report.

In this talk, we’ll share some stories and a case study of a company that had no event tracking, what they did with it, and how it improved the bottom line.

What will you learn?

  • You’ll learn how to identify which Events you should be tracking on your website or app
  • How to correctly label them so they make sense in your reports, and, help brief your developers to create them
  • How to use Events to build goals, and impress everyone at work
  • How to build segments and retargeting lists (😍) with Event Tracking and goals
  • You’ll also get a free template that you can use, right now, and forever

Our speakers, Jill Quick & Aiden Carroll, both from The Coloring In Department will be leading the talk with a practical presentation, and taking your questions too. Jill & Aiden have taught over 65,000 marketers between them, so they know a thing or seven about what matters, and what doesn’t. This talk is part one of a series of three, on Google Analytics, delivered by the experts.

This is the third/last episode in the series. Check the first one and the second one.



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