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Google Penguin Updates past, present and future?


Google´s most important goal is to provide the best and most relevant results for their users. In order to achieve this, Google fights against the manipulation of their algorithm for many years. But discarding spammy, fake and unnatural links by not passing PageRank through them was not enough. Google had to make a stricter move.  In April 2012, they launched the Google Penguin algorithm update - aimed at decreasing the rankings of websites that manipulated the number of backlinks pointing to them. This update, had a huge impact, changing the Internet we used to know for good. Hundreds of thousands of sites were penalized. Many businesses vanished from the Internet. After Penguin, Google launched 5 more updates, every time affecting a huge number of websites around the world.  This historical moment meant that the period of spammy link building tactics is over and that we stepped into the new age, the age of link risk management.  Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to recover and protect your website from Google Penalties 
  • Advanced audit techniques you need to know 
  • How to speed up your Google Penalty recovery process 
  • How to perform safe link building today 
  • What is the future of Google updates 
  • How Google Penguin made negative SEO so dangerous for you 
  • What you can do to sleep better at night