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Hacking Content: How to Double Traffic in 90 Days & Increase Conversions


don-purdum-webinar.small.jpgThe 4-step content hack in this webinar will provide you with a completely unique and differing perspective on how to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing.

To start, you can trash all the ideas you’ve heard about what works…

  • Write more content on a regular basis.
  • Content marketers don’t need to worry about SEO.
  • Work hard to promote your content all over the place (social media, blog commenting, etc) and your traffic dreams will come true.

Specifically, we'll cover how to reduce your workload, increase your traffic, and earn more sales through 4 steps:

Step 1 – Learn the powerful formula C + F = E (you’ll have to watch to find out what the formula is and how it will transform the way you think about your business, marketing and sales)

Step 2 – Target the right audience in order to increase your SEO value and social shares, and how to find what content they love to consume and share… you may just be surprised!

Step 3 – Quickly discover the right keywords without assuming and failing miserably

Step 4 – Create attention-grabbing titles and structure your content for maximum shares, links, and conversions  

BONUS: For live attendees, Don will offer you a free, personal analysis of your website with some actionable tips you can use.