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How Segmentation and Targeting ​Propel Conversions


While getting driving traffic to your site is GREAT--that is only half the battle. Getting visitors to convert on your page is a difficult and almost inscrutable process. Some sites try to get on top of the conversion game by breaking down visitors into easy-to-digest categories, thereby making it easier to drive visitors down the sales funnel.  However, most sites don’t take this process quite as far as it should. 

It is not enough to identify and categorize visitors according to standard demographic model.  If merchants want to increase conversions, they must target their messages so they align with a thorough understanding of the purpose and interest behind each visit. Fanplayr will guide audience members through a process of segmentation and targeting to nail down the information behind any and all site visits.

In this Webinar on Tuesday, April 14th at 12:00PM EDT, you will learn:

  • How Good segmentation and targeting creates a mutually beneficial dialogue between merchant and visitor that provides a mutual benefit, improves the shopping experience and makes conversions happen.
  • How to fully understand visitor engagement and use it for immediate, positive action. 
  • How, merchants must have a means to confidently assert their in-depth knowledge of the bond between their customers, their brand and/or product mix.
  • Why the digital environment provides a means for a much more constructive engagement between merchant and prospect and relate with a highly tailored customer experience that trumps a one-size-fits-all, repetitive message blast.

To make demographic analysis of site visitors easier, attendees of this webinar will gain access to a 25% Discount on Fanplayr services for 3 months. To reveal the search data that draws conversion-ready visitors to your site in the first place, attendees can also take advantage of a FREE 30 Day trial of SEMrush Guru..