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How to audit and fix thin content with no value


Google’s stance on links is clear: if your website receives traffic it doesn’t deserve because you’ve been acquiring links artificially, that traffic will be taken away – and more besides.

Now Google is taking more of a stand on content too. Pages that exist to target search traffic – but that aren’t legitimately a good result for searchers – will incur penalties. It started with Panda in 2011 but now Google’s Webspam Team are able to take action against businesses who haven’t engaged in manipulative link building but who are receiving traffic they don’t deserve because their content doesn’t engage.

It’s not about the words on a page; it’s whether users are satisfied by the search result as a whole. Design, imagery, copy and UX all have a significant part to play. It’s time to start looking at your content and making some changes.

In this webinar I’ll discuss:

  • Who is most at risk from content related penalties
  • How to create an inventory of your content
  • How to identify thin pages with no added value and what to do with them
  • Quick wins that can improve content engagement
  • The penalties for getting it wrong – or waiting to get penalised.

Stephen is Senior Search Strategist at Branded3’s Leeds HQ and is responsible for organic performance for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Previously working in print and digital advertising for FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing business Mitie, Stephen speaks about engagement at digital marketing conferences and contributes to some of the industry’s biggest sites such as Content Marketing InstituteMoz and Search Engine Watch. Follow Stephen and Branded3 on Twitter or read Stephen’s blog.