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How to create engaging videos on a low budget


By 2020, half of the Internet traffic will be video. Algorithms across social media platforms love videos. Content creators, digital marketers, and everyday people are shooting real movies with DSLR and YouTube videos with mobile phones. This kind of content can create meaningful interactions between the creators and their audiences, which is highly conducive to business development.  

As video continues to grow in popularity, it is time to understand the science and art behind creating engaging video content. What makes people go crazy about videos? Why do some videos get so much engagement, whereas others are left unnoticed? How can we create videos that everyone becomes obsessed with — the kind they cannot stop watching, commenting, and sharing? And, how to do it, especially when you are on a limited budget?

We bring you the best panel to answer these questions.

Dom O'Neil - technical videographer, ex-BBC

Ross Tavendale, Ross killing it in "Canonical Chronical" and Weekly Wisdom

Hosted by Ai Addyson-Zhang

  • Leverage the tech you already own
  • What tech you should buy
  • How to produce video people actually want to watch
  • How to increase engagement- The 4 parts to video production success
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