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How to Get Your Eсommerce Site SEO Optimised in Time for Summer buying habits


How to Get Your ECommerce Site SEO optimised in time for summer buying habits Ecommerce websites have a reputation as being one of the most complicated types of site to effectively optimise for SEO. 

Instead of bombarding you with jargon, this webinar is going to give you a better understanding of exactly what quality metrics Google is looking for – and show you what tools you have at your disposal to give Google what it wants!

We take the guess-work out of ecommerce SEO and give you actionable, practical guidance on how to turn your ecommerce site into an SEO juggernaut. Covering everything from technical SEO to managing CMS’s and simple copy ideas, you’ll finish this webinar brimming with new ideas that will take your (or your clients’) site to a whole new level.